Saturday, March 28, 2009

Album Review: Klang

The Rakes are a band that I've been watching for a good deal of time, knowing them from their first album, Capture/Release, through Ten New Messages, and now Klang. Klang presents The Rakes the same way they have been, but modifies the formula a bit. The band took off two years after Ten New Messages, and I feel it was well advised as that album is hit and miss. But Klang returns to the joys brought by Capture/Release. Klang's beautys include "The Woes of the Working Woman" which seems like a modern Talking Heads song, "1989" a very upbeat song with a history lesson to it similar to Strasbourg from their first album. "Muller's Ratchet" is helped by a piano background, and squeaky, at times ballad like, guitar. "You're In It" builds itself up and creates the climax that the song's lyrics imply. It may be admitted that there are songs that only aspects of them are enjoyable, such as "Shackleton," but this album is much more consistent than Ten New Messages and is an overall great experience. All of the tracks from Klang, as well as selections from earlier albums, may be listened to at I would suggest buying this album, but listening online works well.


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