Monday, March 23, 2009

A Different Way of Looking at the World

As I was browsing the internet, I found a website, a beautiful website at that, which showcases videos on futurists and the top people in all kinds of fields giving talks on our future, our culture, and our past. The website I am referring to is one and is quite informative. TED is a kind of conference, offering up all kinds of knowledge that is out there in the world on subjects such as why the economy is the way it is, simplicity, the pressure of genius, and applications for new inventions. It is astounding to hear the bioeconomy we are shifting into or how Benjamin Button was done and all of this can be found in one place. The videos are categorized in such a way that a user may browse based on a specific topic and delve deeper if they are intrigued. The videos range from about fifteen to twenty minutes. TED offers insight into the importance of technology and innovation in our society and offers its videos up to the general populace for no charge. I say it is best to embrace this newfound knowledge, and it is best to share this knowledge rather than horde it, so whether you are already aware of it or not, please spread the word about as I have tried.


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