Friday, March 13, 2009

The Most Significant Musical Event in Years

Forget Michael Jackson's farewell tour. Don't worry about those up-and-comers in the music world because, ladies and gentlemen, the greatest band of our time, Pixies, is reuniting for a festival gig in London. They also plan on a tour. When I say this, I say this as the biggest Pixies fan I know. I've been checking out the careers of Pixies band members since for years on a daily basis. I was listening to a Frank Black song when I found out they were touring. I even checked some stuff out just yesterday about some quotes Frank made last year about a possible album. I am psyched. For the uninitiated, Pixies basically influenced all modern rock in one way or another. Usually I would not be so anecdotal in an article, but this situation is very emotional for me. I admit that I cried upon reading the news. If you live in the UK the only chance to check them will be at the Isle of Wight festival, so please take the opportunity to see this fantastic band. The band had a reunion tour back in 2004 and released a single entitled "Bam Thwok." Who knows, maybe this reunion will be for good?


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