Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Good Trailers

Maybe it's just me, but the trailers for movies this year seem astounding. They blow away trailers from any previous years. Maybe, I'm just getting to be more of a movie nerd, but I've seen some fantastic trailers and teasers. I thought I could share some that I feel are not getting noticed as much and that are getting a lot of attention.

Watchmen- The Watchmen trailer from last year was shocking in front of The Dark Knight. After I saw that in IMAX, I told my dad, "We are seeing that in IMAX." And so I'll have a review as soon as I see that. I found the trailer with the Smashing Pumpkins music in the trailer to be very effective. (If you must know the song is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning.)

Powder Blue- It's been a long time since I've cried during a movie. I've never cried during a trailer, but Powder Blue makes me want to. It is simply beautiful, what it shows with color and despair of the characters with such little dialogue and even information of any plot synopsis. This is a film that I highly look forward to in the coming months.

The Perfect Sleep- I wish I lived in LA for many reasons. But next week, this will be the only reason, as it gets a limited release in only LA. The Perfect Sleep reminds me of the underrated masterpiece that is Miller's Crossing combined with some creation of David Lynch. The resurgence of film noir is a subject that is near and dear to me and this seems true to the genre.

Inglorious Basterds- I love Grindhouse. It's not quite Quentin Tarantino's usual cool style, but it remains a favorite of mine. The trailer for Inglorious Basterds demonstrates QT's return to cool and ability to put it into a war movie. This has been a project of his for years, so I have faith that it will be good.

And some others that I don't have time to talk about (but are still good):

This looks righteous, but was not embeddable:


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