Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Entertainment Industry in a Slump

The recent economic problems within the United States have caused people to become more frugal. It is apparent that cutting back on entertainment will be necessary to make it out alive. Will the entertainment industries adapt to suit the needs of the people, or will the people need to stick it through. With so many medias at everyones disposal people will more than likely resort to illegal behavior. Watching movies on the internet will probably become more popular, as will downloading music illegaly. But what can the industries do to prevent this? Should they publish more amature media or tighten budgets. Can movie studios even afford to produce or distribute bad movies. Could this economy be the death of horror remakes and sequels? Video game developers are closing like crazy or at least suffering layoffs. Video games are an expensive media and the industry is supposedly recession-proof, but can it truly stand strong? Movies are getting more expensive. I payed $9.75 the other day to see a movie. I considered leaving my friends and watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button from the comfort of my own home, but decided $10 was not that much, at least for now. People are making sacrifices. I did not have enough cash for a consession. Where does the line get drawn? It is up to you to decide if cheap thrills suddenly are not cheap anymore, but please, before you go out and buy a new entertainment center, mind the economy.


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