Friday, January 2, 2009

Welcome to Symposyum!

If somehow, you've stumbled upon this blog in it's premature state, welcome to Symposyum. What we here at Symposyum are about is geek-culture media and news. What that means is that here at Symposyum, we're devoted to bringing you reviews of top movies/video games/comics/music as well as sharing opinions on matters of the tech/media industry. Currently, we are a bit short on writers, so it will be a few days until the first review is posted.
A quick word of warning. The reviews written on Symposyum will be from mostly teens. The reason for this is because more often than not, teens make up a huge percentage of the target market for media. Thus, what better review can you get than that of the target customer? Additionally, I hope Symposyum will help more teens (as well as any other reader) make a judgement on what to seek out media-wise.
Concluding this short introductory post, I hope you continue to follow up with Symposyum. I feel as though great stuff is gonna happen here. Happy reading!


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