Saturday, January 31, 2009

Reviewing A Classic: The Killing

I've had a day or two to reflect on Stanley Kubrick's The Killing. Within this time period I've seen about four or five other movies, some better than others. The Killing was far and away the best of them. Stanley Kubrick's early work challenges even many modern films in it's impact and ability to make the viewer feel some emotion. Now, I must say that spoilers are a pet peeve of mine, and it is for this reason that I won't divulge any myself. I must say, however that The Killing is not only a great heist movie, it is the perfect heist movie. If you know me well, then you know I have aspirations to be a film director. I recognize how difficult it is to pull off this genre, much less pull it off well. If I were to make a heist movie, I would either not because it would not live up to the standards of The Killing or directly rip it off. The Killing, however is what I like to call a travesty movie, as it is a travesty that more people do not know about it. It also deals with the travesties that befall normal men and what the must go through to make their given situation better. The Killing also proves that voiceovers in film do not have to be lazy writing, but just be informative. I also doubt that Stanley Kubrick was a lazy writer. I highly recommend The Killing to anyone and everyone, as it is a caper film that seems to be the basis for even Tarantino's work. The acting in the film is quite good, filled with bit parts that prove interesting. I don't want to sound like a cheerleader for the film so I must say that the pacing at the beginning just did not feel good. The movie messes with its sequence of storytelling, which eventually gets the viewer to relate to the character, but proves to be initially somewhat confusing. If you enjoy a good crime thriller, then please check out The Killing.


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