Thursday, January 8, 2009

Resident Movie Addict

Hey, this is Emerson here, the local movie reviewer. I am a bit of a film nerd/buff/junkie. I'll be posting reviews of the classics and honestly anything I see. My reviews will cover films from different perspectives, as a horror movie, a comedy, and a drama must all be taken differently, at least to preserve each director's intended message or lack thereof. And if you disagree with me, be neither daunted nor dismayed to confront me head on to discuss or argue or flame me. Things about me to know as a movie lover: I don't like The Godfather, I have about 100 favorite movies (all of which will recieve a review), the Coen brothers comedys are not funny, my pet peeves are having a movies spoilers revealed prematurely as well as when people don't pay attention to a movie but say they don't like it, and the greatest travesty of all time is that all people are not forced to watch Citizen Kane. Whether you agree with me or disagree with me, I hope you enjoy reading and find insight in what I have to offer.


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